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December 20, 2016

Medicare fears


As a senior, I am concerned that the new administration in Washington will propose changes to health care that would impact the quality of care I receive under Medicare Advantage. Seniors cannot afford any changes to Medicare that will increase costs of coverage or reduce benefits that are vital to our quality of life. Seniors like myself rely on Medicare Advantage for access to high-quality care, as well as access to benefits we do not receive under traditional Medicare like vision, hearing, dental, and wellness benefits.

Medicare Advantage focuses on value-based care which has led to my satisfaction with the care I receive, and I do not want the new administration to diminish the importance of value-based, patient-centered care. Medicare Advantage also allows care coordination among providers, which helps millions of seniors manage their chronic conditions.

Each year, decisions are made in Washington that impact Medicare. As someone who relies on Medicare Advantage and all the critical benefits it provides, I want to know that our policymakers are committed to strengthening access to quality, affordable care for seniors like me. Medicare Advantage works and should be strengthened.

Jim McDougal, Feeding Hills, Mass.

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