Medicare Advantage Explained

At Better Medicare Alliance, we believe that Medicare Advantage provides the opportunity for a healthier future.

Medicare Advantage is leading the innovative use of value-based care — delivering better health outcomes, through better quality care at a better cost for Medicare beneficiaries.

  • Medicare Advantage is the public-private partnership in Medicare where over 33 million seniors and Americans with disabilities receive coverage today.
  • 95 percent of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are satisfied with their health care quality, and 97 percent are satisfied with the ease of getting to the doctor.
  • Medicare Advantage enrollees report over $2,400 in savings compared to beneficiaries in Fee-For-Service Medicare.
  • Medicare Advantage’s population is increasingly diverse. 27% of Medicare Advantage enrollees are Black, Latino, or Asian compared to 17% of Fee-For-Service enrollees.
  • Medicare Advantage beneficiaries experience more preventive care and screenings and lower rates of avoidable hospitalizations compared to those enrolled in Traditional Medicare.
  • Unlike Traditional Medicare, for which an individual pays a separate monthly premium for hospital visits, doctors/outpatient, and prescription drugs, Medicare Advantage typically covers all in one monthly premium, often with extra benefits at a lower cost to the enrollee.
Seniors deserve value-driven, high-quality, and cost-effective delivery of care and their quality of life depends on it.
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