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Findings Show Medicare Advantage Has Unique Ability to Meet Needs of Cancer Patients and Survivors

New research demonstrates the unique ability of Medicare Advantage to provide comprehensive preventative care and cancer screening to diverse, low-income cancer patients and survivors while keeping premium and out-of-pocket costs low for beneficiaries when compared to Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicare.

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Better Medicare Alliance is the nation’s leading research and advocacy organization supporting Medicare Advantage. Together, we are over 200 Ally organizations from across the healthcare spectrum and more than 1 million grassroots beneficiary advocates united in our mission to build a healthier future through a strong Medicare Advantage.

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Press Releases
BMA Responds to CMS’s 2024 Medicare Advantage Premiums and Enrollment Projections September 26, 2023

Premiums to remain stable and a record-setting 33.8 million expected to choose enrollment in Medicare Advantage WASHINGTON, D.C. – Better Medicare Alliance, the nation’s leading research and advocacy organization supporting Medicare Advantage, responded today to…

Press Releases
Statement on MedPAC’s Medicare Advantage Work Plan September 8, 2023

Statement by Better Medicare Alliance President and CEO, Mary Beth Donahue, on MedPAC’s Medicare Advantage Work Plan WASHINGTON – Better Medicare Alliance, the nation’s leading research and advocacy organization supporting Medicare Advantage and strengthening the…

Press Releases
Study: Medicare Advantage Has Unique Ability to Meet Needs of Cancer Patients and Survivors September 7, 2023

Medicare Advantage delivers lower out-of-pocket costs and superior benefits to demographically diverse and socially disadvantaged cancer patients and survivors, analysis finds WASHINGTON — New research released today demonstrates the unique ability of Medicare Advantage to…

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Our Issues
Build on Medicare Advantage’s Capabilities to Address Social Determinants of Health and Advance Health Equity

As a diverse community of Ally organizations and beneficiaries, Better Medicare Alliance has a keen focus on addressing the health and racial and ethnic disparities that persist across the health care spectrum, as well as the social and environmental factors that negatively impact beneficiary health. Medicare Advantage is a leader in addressing social determinants of health to reduce disparities and advance health equity by leveraging benefit design and the unique tools at the foundation of Medicare Advantage.

Case Study Report: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries
Integrate Learnings and Best Practices from COVID-19 Into Care Delivery

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health care system rapidly shifted its focus and direction to tend to the millions of Americans impacted by the virus, especially those most at-risk like seniors and people with disabilities. Medicare Advantage leveraged its model and tools available to meet the needs of and keep beneficiaries safe during the uncertain times. Lessons learned and best practices developed during this time should not be forgotten and instead, be integrated into care delivery today and in the future.

Spotlight on Innovation: the Response to COVID-19
Promote Value-Based Care and Care Delivery Innovations

Medicare Advantage is built on a value-based system in which health plans receive a fixed, monthly payment for each beneficiary’s care and are tasked with using those dollars efficiently and effectively to improve and deliver positive health outcomes. Value-based care incentivizes high-quality, high-value, coordinated, and innovative care for the 31 million beneficiaries who trust Medicare Advantage with their health care.

Medicare Advantage Outperforms Fee-For-Service Medicare on Cost Protections for Low-Income and Diverse Populations
Improve Enrollment Experience and Enhance Patient Engagement

Better Medicare Alliance leads the charge for solutions to streamline and modernize the Medicare enrollment process to ensure that all beneficiaries know their options and can be an active chooser in their health coverage. Already, our advocacy efforts led to additional language in the annual “Medicare & You” handbook that includes easy-to-read, upfront comparisons of Medicare Advantage and FFS Medicare and supported the recent reintroduction of the multilanguage insert in certain CMS materials to inform beneficiaries of available translation services.

New Data: Medicare Advantage Surpasses 50% of Medicare Enrollees in Over 120 Congressional Districts
Support the Functional Structure of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage relies on accurate, adequate, and stable policies to support: full-risk and population-based payment, the collection of data necessary for accurate payment and identifying beneficiary health status, maintaining quality improvement programs, and supporting care management essential to high-value, integrated care.

BMA Issues Bold Recommendations to Strengthen Protections for Seniors, Maintain Transparency in Medicare Advantage
Convey the Value of Medicare Advantage to the Federal Government and Beneficiaries

Keeping costs low for both the federal government and beneficiaries is at the core of Better Medicare Alliance’s mission and is among the many reasons why more than 31 million Americans trust Medicare Advantage with their health coverage today. Medicare Advantage not only delivers better outcomes, but data shows Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report less in total annual health expenditures than their FFS Medicare counterparts. Moreover, Medicare Advantage delivers more in value to the federal government at no extra cost.

Report: Medicare Advantage Delivers $32.5 Billion Annually in Additional Value to Seniors Through Lower Cost-Sharing, Extra Benefits
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With satisfaction from 9 out of 10 seniors and $1,965 a year in consumer savings compared to fee-for-service Medicare, Medicare Advantage is working. Join us in telling policymakers to protect Medicare Advantage for the 30 million diverse beneficiaries who count on its coverage and care.

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Better Medicare Alliance partners with over 200 Ally organizations from across the healthcare spectrum – health providers, Medicare Advantage plans, community partners, area agencies on aging, and other stakeholders – to grow and strengthen Medicare Advantage.

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Highlights from our 2022 Medicare Advantage Summit

Our 2022 Medicare Advantage Summit featured a two-day agenda that included a keynote interview with CMMI Director Dr. Liz Fowler, remarks from a bipartisan roster of Members of Congress, and panel discussions with top health care innovators. Catch up on all that you may have missed and make plans to join us again in 2023!

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