Become An Ally

The Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) is a coalition of advocacy organizations, aging service agencies, plans, providers, retiree organizations, and beneficiaries. BMA Allies commit to the mission of BMA to support and sustain Medicare Advantage (MA) as an option in Medicare. Allies agree to work with BMA to promote the value of MA as the part of Medicare that offers health coverage that is comprehensive, high quality, affordable, and valued by Medicare beneficiaries for the enhanced benefits, affordability, simplicity, and care coordination it offers.

Become a Better Medicare
Alliance Ally

BMA keeps Allies informed of activities, policy positions, and public statements through email communications, conference calls, and occasional in-person meetings. BMA offers Allies information, analysis, and commentary on regulation, legislation, and issues related to Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Allies agree to support BMA in its mission to advocate for Medicare Advantage, as appropriate to our organization’s mission and purpose.

What Does It Mean
To Be An Ally

BMA Allies support the mission to advocate for MA and participate in some or all of the following ways:

  • Offer expertise, experience, data, and advice on policy to BMA, including sharing policy documents and engaging in discussions with BMA on current issues and strategy
  • Provide written material such as informational or opinion blogs that offer the organization’s perspective and experience with MA, to be posted, at BMA’s discretion, on the BMA website and made available in BMA public reports
  • Sign letters and commentary as a part of BMA’s list of Allies
  • Participate in public speaking engagements sponsored by BMA, or on behalf of BMA, including panels and briefings
  • Invite BMA representatives to speak to your organization members, conferences, or events
  • Include information on BMA’s mission and activities on the organization’s website, newsletter, or other communication to the membership, as appropriate
  • Introduce BMA to other stakeholder organizations and encourage their participation in BMA
  • Allow the organization’s name and logo to be posted on the BMA website and used on BMA materials