Better Medicare Alliance regularly hosts briefings, webinars, convenings, and roundtable events for Allies, Congressional staff, and other stakeholders. Find an archive of recent events below and be the first to know about future events by signing up for our alerts.

Past Event

Better Medicare Alliance's 2022 "State of Medicare Advantage" Webinar

September 14, 2022

Better Medicare Alliance's 2022 "State of Medicare Advantage" webinar originally aired on This webinar originally aired live on September 14,...

Past Event

In-Home Care is Here to Stay: How MA is Innovating to Meet Beneficiaries Where They Are

August 11, 2022

This webinar, originally aired live on August 11, 2022 and co-hosted by Better Medicare Alliance and Moving Health Home, discusses...

Past Event

Rate Notice Crash Course

February 9, 2022

This webinar provides insight and analysis on CMS’ 2023 Medicare Advantage Advance Notice.

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