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February 20, 2015

Better Medicare Alliance Statement on Medicare Advantage Rate Notice

In response to CMS’ Preliminary Medicare Advantage Rate Notice, Better Medicare Alliance Interim Executive Director Krista Drobac issued the following statement:

“Seniors are already feeling the impact of deep Medicare Advantage rate cuts enacted over each of the last three years. Those who need the most care have seen their maximum annual out-of-pocket costs soar by up to $761. Medicare beneficiaries in 211 U.S. counties do not have access to Medicare Advantage. Any additional rate cuts would mean less benefits, higher costs, and fewer choices for 17 million seniors who count on Medicare Advantage.

“We will carefully analyze today’s preliminary rate notice and have more to say when that analysis is complete.”

This week the Better Medicare Alliance released a new actuarial analysis from Milliman showing that recent years’ cuts mean Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are paying more and getting less. See the Milliman report here.

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