Press Releases
July 24, 2019

Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) President and CEO Allyson Y. Schwartz released the following statement in response to legislative proposals being considered by the Senate Finance Committee on prescription drug pricing

Washington, D.C. -“BMA supports additional cost protections for the nearly 20 million beneficiaries enrolled in integrated Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug plans today, including a maximum out-of-pocket limit in Part D. We see how important out-of-pocket  limits in Medicare Advantage are in providing  critical cost protections to those with high health care costs. As a community of 135 ally organizations and more than 400,000 beneficiaries, we are encouraged by the Committee’s efforts to bring those protections to individuals with high prescription drug costs. We are working to closely evaluate what impacts these proposals will have on Medicare Advantage.

We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration on these and other proposals to lower prescription drug prices.”

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