March 6, 2015

ICYMI: Hospitals Oppose Proposed New Medicare Advantage Cuts

In response to the 2016 Advance Rate Notice for the Medicare Advantage Program, the American Hospital Association wrote CMS last week, urging the agency to protect and avoid further cuts to the program. A couple of highlights from the letter are below:

“The AHA is greatly concerned that, in the 2016 Advance Notice, CMS plans to continue the pattern of cuts to the MA and MAPD programs that will result in negative consequences for Medicare beneficiaries, including increased premiums and cost sharing, narrowing of provider networks, and reductions to non-Medicare benefits.”

“…the continuing cuts, including those planned for 2016, make the MA program less practicable and may curtail the expansion of provider-based MA plans or even reduce participation, resulting in fewer provider plan options for beneficiaries.”

View the full letter here.

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