Medicare Advantage Beneficiary Stories

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With a 98% consumer satisfaction rating, Medicare Advantage is delivering better health outcomes, through better quality care to a beneficiary population that is proportionally more diverse, lower-income, and more medically complex than Traditional Medicare.

Today, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries save an average of $1,640 a year compared to Traditional Medicare – that’s why beneficiaries from across the nation are speaking up to tell policymakers about the positive impact of Medicare Advantage on their lives. 

Bertha M.

"Medicare Advantage is an important program because it saves me money on health care and less cost on my medication."

Margaret B.

"Medicare Advantage is an important program for seniors because Medicare costs too much. We pay for Part B then we pay for extra insurance PLUS we pay for Rx and if we don't have one of them, we are penalized!!! Where does it end for the cost on seniors? If we get a so-called cost of living raise, then the Medicare ups their rates. It's hard on seniors to have to pay for these extras and have food, shelter and some type of living!"

Mary M.

"At 87, my body is beginning to fall apart. To encourage regular exercise, Kaiser, my health provider, besides exercise classes, and gym membership, offered a Fitbit. I was surprised what could be monitored... sleep, exercise, water, food. The watch is linked to my cell phone and is an in-your-face up to the minute fact and information giver. It provides me with the facts and encouragement to take care of myself in ways I would not have considered as healthy ways all thanks to senior Advantage of Medicare."

Susan D.

"Cost of living continues to go up every day for seniors, thankfully, Medicare Advantage offers affordable coverage for doctor visits, hospital coverage, dental coverage, vision, hearing aids, plus more."

Mary R.

"We get great benefits with Medicare Advantage: prescription, dental, no monthly charge."

Donna L.

"It covers a lot of the cost that Medicare doesn't pay which is super important because most of us are on a budget. Plus, it offers so many health benefits, gym membership, and doctor visits that are free for wellness checks. It's just amazing. I just got it and don't want to lose it."

Robert K.

"It's a great program with no charge for the plan and no cost to see my primary caregiver and some generics filled with 90-day supply with $0.00 copay! Nice to have medical, dental and Rx coverage in a single plan."

Barb T.

"I'm on disability. It helps tremendously that I have no monthly premium. I also pay nothing to see my doctor and my prescriptions are a low price. I was in the hospital for 5 days and the bill was about $68,000, I only paid $1,590. Being on a fixed income, this helps a lot."

Paula S.

"It allows me to keep most of my providers and provides more services than regular Medicare. They even have over-the-counter benefits, and it saves me money."

Peggy K.

"Without it I could not afford all my medicine nor the copays for the doctors."

New Jersey-06
Noelle D.

"Traditional Medicare doesn't cover enough. My plan completely pays all the extra co-pays that I otherwise would struggle to afford."

Eve K.

"Medicare Advantage covers most of my medical needs, I would be lost without it."

Deana M.

"Medicare Advantage pays for everything I need, including a PCA, Mom’s Meals, motorized chair, medication, doctors, specialists, and hospital when necessary. I have no co-pays or premiums, which is great because I couldn’t possibly pay for it on my own."

Anna S.

"Medicare Advantage helped me survive huge medical issues in 2018. Surgery, two hospitalizations, therapy, and more. It saved my life."

Anne C.

"It's important to me to have quality healthcare to prevent old age from destroying my quality of life. At this stage medication cost is important but low-cost access to glasses, hearing aids and dental are extremely necessary for any quality of life."

Virginia D.

"My husband was treated for his cancer and other ailments with just the amount in co-pays that we could afford. I believe other insurance would have left us penniless."

Hector P.

"I get prescription meds, eye care, dental, and hearing through Medicare Advantage, making a difference in my life, and it covers what Medicare doesn't."

New Jersey-05
Barbara E.

"I have injuries, Crohn's disease, and diabetes. I take 12 different pills; I could not afford them without it."

New York-01
Sandra B.

"I’m a diabetic with kidney failure and couldn’t afford health care without Medicare Advantage."

North Carolina-04
Ruth S.

"I cannot afford a straight Medicare plan; besides it doesn't cover the expenses that my Medicare Advantage covers. Things like prescriptions, teeth, hearing aids, and transportation, etc., without which I would be in worse shape than I am."

Darlene E.

"It has made it easy for me to obtain medical care. I had a hip replacement recently, my Medicare Advantage made that financially possible."

Wanda G.

"I had breast cancer that required a mastectomy. After I had 18 months of chemo, in all ran over $1.5 million. With my Advantage plan I only had to pay a total of $16,000 out-of-pocket. Without we would have lost everything, that was 15 yrs. ago."

Fred G.

"Traditional" Medicare is an outdated, limited benefit plan than no modern insurance carrier would offer. It requires members to pay deductibles, co-insurance, and other costs that many seniors can't afford. And it fails to cover prescriptions unless an expensive "Part D" plan is added. My Medicare Advantage plan covers *everything* with minimal co-pays, including prescriptions, dental, vision and hearing care, OTC pharmaceuticals, a free gym membership, transportation to medical appointments and pharmacy visits, and even home meals after a hospital discharge. And it costs me nothing beyond the normal "Part B" premium - as well as paying medical providers far more than "Traditional" Medicare and costing CMS *less* per member. We really need to require all Advantage carriers to offer plans in all areas of the states they serve, even if they need to pay higher reimbursements in rural areas. Then we can move ALL Medicare members to these far superior plans and take better care of them (and save CMS even more)."

Patricia A.

"Medicare Advantage provides great savings, it helps with expenses - especially doctor visits and prescriptions - making a difference in my life."

Carolyn S.

"I live on Social Security and without Medicare Advantage, I wouldn’t be able to afford my medicine or my healthcare."

New Jersey-11
Sandra R.

"Medicare Advantage keeps medical costs down for us seniors. Right now, I have a $5 copay with my primary doctor. I had biopsy surgery on my skin on 4/26/2021 & so far no additional payments except for a $45 copayment to my dermatologist."

New York-18
Beth D.

"Medicare Advantage was built to help out seniors with costs."

Carol L.

"Medicare Advantage offers lower costs and benefits not covered by Medicare. Great for seniors on limited income."

Douglas K.

"I am at an age where my friends are dying too young. I have been helped to enjoy better health by use of my benefits through Medicare Advantage."

West Virginia-03
Gloria G.

"Medicare Advantage helps in so many ways. It helps with paying for hospital stays that regular Medicare doesn’t cover. It also helps with prescription drug coverage, in-home health care, and other needed coverage for seniors. I don’t know what I would do without it at this time of my life. It’s more affordable than supplement health plans. We seniors need these Advantage plans, really badly."

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