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June 15, 2022

New Data: Medicare Advantage Surpasses 50% of Medicare Enrollees in Over 120 Congressional Districts

BMA’s Medicare Advantage enrollment map, populated with the latest CMS data, shows Alabama, Michigan, and Florida leading in MA enrollment rates, while Georgia, Louisiana, and Minnesota mark new entries into the top 10 list

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Washington, D.C
.  – Better Medicare Alliance, the leading research and advocacy group supporting Medicare Advantage, unveiled its 2022 Medicare Advantage enrollment map, featuring Medicare Advantage enrollment figures in states, Congressional districts, and counties nationwide.

The map, populated with April 2022 state and county enrollment data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), demonstrates the continued strength of Medicare Advantage across the country, as the coverage option surpasses 50% of Medicare beneficiaries in 123 Congressional districtsup from 90 districts in last year’s update.

The top 10 states for Medicare Advantage enrollment include Alabama (53% MA enrollment), Michigan (53%), Florida (53%), Hawaii (51%), Connecticut (51%), Maine (51%), Oregon (51%), Georgia (49%), Louisiana (49%), and Minnesota (49%).  All told, 31 states boast Medicare Advantage enrollment rates of more than 40%.

Notably, 83 of the 123 Medicare Advantage-majority districts are represented by Democratic members, while Republicans represent the remaining 40 districts. This enrollment growth comes as Medicare Advantage has continued to garner broad bipartisan support from policymakers, as seen with the record-breaking 409 members of the U.S. House and Senate that sent letters to CMS backing Medicare Advantage earlier this year.

“Better Medicare Alliance’s newly-updated enrollment map, populated with 2022 CMS data, provides a powerful visual representation of the strength of Medicare Advantage across the country, as more and more seniors and individuals with disabilities make an active choice for Medicare Advantage’s lower costs, better outcomes, coordinated care, and enhanced benefits,” said Mary Beth Donahue, President and CEO of the Better Medicare Alliance. “As the data shows, 123 Congressional districts are now experiencing Medicare Advantage enrollment rates of 50% are higher, a 37% increase from last year’s totals. We hope this map will be a useful resource to help policymakers better understand and vigorously protect their constituents’ health coverage choices.”  

“In this data, we see a continuing shift as Democratic districts now lead the growth in Medicare Advantage. This has important policy and political implications,” said Kenneth Thorpe, PhD, Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and Chair of the Better Medicare Alliance Board of Directors. With polling showing that 92% of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries believe a candidate’s support for Medicare Advantage is important to earning their vote, lawmakers have a powerful incentive to continue standing up for the health coverage their constituents choose and deserve.”

“BMA’s Medicare Advantage enrollment map depicts not only the continued strength of Medicare Advantage today but the rich diversity of the communities it serves. We must not ignore that many of the regions with the highest Medicare Advantage enrollment rates are also among the most diverse,” said Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, MACP, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association. Separate reporting shows that 53% and 49% of Latino and Black Medicare beneficiaries, respectively, choose the quality, affordable coverage and care found in Medicare Advantage. With this map in hand, policymakers are well equipped to pinpoint Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in their communities and advocate for their needs in Washington.”

“As home to three of the top 10 Congressional districts for Medicare Advantage enrollment in the country, New Yorkers know firsthand the value of Medicare Advantage to their health and financial security,” said Lev Ginsburg, Esq., Counsel to the Business Council of New York State. “Better Medicare Alliance’s Medicare Advantage enrollment map is not only a useful informational tool, but also a reminder of what is at stake in the effort to protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage’s bipartisan success story.”

The top 10 Congressional districts for Medicare Advantage enrollment include:

  • Florida’s 24th Congressional district (Rep. Frederica Wilson-D) – 76% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • New York’s 15th Congressional district (Rep. Richie Torres-D) – 73% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • New York’s 25th Congressional district (Rep. Joseph Morelle-D) –71% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Florida’s 26th Congressional district (Rep. Carlos Gimenez-R) – 70% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Florida’s 20th Congressional district (Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick -D) – 68% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • New York’s 27th Congressional district (Rep. Chris Jacobs-R) – 66% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Texas’s 29th Congressional district (Rep. Sylvia Garcia-D) – 66% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Florida’s 25th Congressional district (Rep. Mario Diaz Balart-R) – 65% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional district (Rep. Troy Carter-D) – 65% Medicare Advantage enrollment
  • Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district (Rep. Mike Doyle-D) – 65% Medicare Advantage enrollment



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