October 4, 2017

CONVENING REPORT: Supporting the Needs and Personal Goals of the High-Need, High-Cost Population in Medicare Advantage

Driving Stakeholder Consensus and Policy Change in Medicare Advantage


This report summarizes key discussion points from a July 2017 Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) convening, including specific actionable policy recommendations of innovations in care delivery for high-need, high-cost beneficiaries and how successful models in Medicare Advantage can be scaled to meet the needs of current and future beneficiaries. today’beneficiaries, while looking to technology and innovation to meet the needs of millions of future beneficiaries. Medicare Advantage’s payment systems and flexibility are moving providers towards higher-value, higher-quality care, improving the health care experience for physicians and their patients.

BMA is a community of over 90 ally organizations and almost 300,000 beneficiaries, who — like the nearly 19 million beneficiaries who have chosen Medicare Advantage — share a commitment to a strong Medicare Advantage option. BMA convened a group of approximately 60 thought leaders, including practitioners, researchers, health plans, community partners, and policymakers, to discuss how multi-stakeholder coordination in Medicare Advantage can best support the personal health and life goals of chronically ill beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage. The expectation of the convening was that together, these individuals would bring their experience and expertise to not only discuss the factors that were necessary to achieve better care, at a more affordable cost for HNHC beneficiaries, but reach agreement on a set of recommendations that could be offered to policymakers to improve care and achieve successful outcomes for these beneficiaries.


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