Case Study Report: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

This case studies report, prepared by NORC at the University of Chicago and commissioned by Better Medicare Alliance’s Center for Innovation in Medicare Advantage, highlights best practices in addressing social determinants of health (SDoH) for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

NORC’s research compiles 13 case studies based on interviews with 12 leading Medicare Advantage plans, provider groups, and community partners; offering valuable insights to policymakers as they seek to integrate lessons learned from the COVID-19 response and assess how to best address the needs of an increasingly diverse Medicare population.

Organizations profiled in the report include Aetna, ChenMed, Healthify, Humana, Meals on Wheels America, NowPow, Partners in Care Foundation, SCAN Health Plan, SNP Alliance, SummaCare, UnitedHealth Group, and Unite Us.

The report is also available as an interactive digital feature here.

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