Spotlight on Innovation
January 10, 2018

BMA Spotlight on Innovation: ChenMed & Patient- Centered Care for Medicare Advantage Patients



The Patient-Centered ChenMed Model


ChenMed is a physician-led, integrated care medical center that delivers high-quality health

care for seniors who are Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. The ChenMed model provides

patient-centered care by elevating primary care to increase access to services, enhance care

coordination, and address social determinants of health. The model leverages technology to

deliver care more efficiently, improve access to medication, and access to care in the home.

ChenMed, which has been a provider for seniors in Miami for decades, expanded its mission

in 2010. Today, the company remains focused on transforming care for the neediest

populations. ChenMed currently operates more than 40 practices in Florida, Georgia, Illinois,

Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia. About 30 percent of its patients are dually eligible for

Medicare and Medicaid, with monthly incomes below $1,025.

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