BMA in the News
February 9, 2015

Milliman Sets the Stage for MA Rate Announcement

The actuarial firm is out with a report this morning outlining the hit that Medicare Advantage has taken since Obamacare cuts and other factors have been reducing payments since 2012. It also noted that the number of counties not served by MA plans has jumped from 55 in 2012 to 211 in 2015, with a sharper increase in the past two years. The report also finds that MA beneficiaries who receive the most care have had maximum out-of-pocket costs go up by $761. MA’s “value add” over traditional Medicare has fallen by up to $295, Milliman reports in a study funded by the Better Medicare Alliance, and comes as the industry mobilizes to fight any reductions that CMS proposes for 2016 in the so-called “call letter” that will be released Friday. 

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