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February 23, 2015

Better Medicare Alliance Statement on Proposed Cuts to Medicare Advantage

Statement from Krista Drobac, Interim Executive Director, Better Medicare Alliance

“We have analyzed the CMS 2016 Advance Notice and it is clear that the proposed 2016 Medicare Advantage payment rates would result in yet another year of cuts for 17 million seniors.

“These new cuts would add to the deep cuts to Medicare Advantage implemented each year since 2010–cuts which are already hitting seniors in the form of reduced benefit values, soaring maximum annual out-of pocket costs, and, for some seniors, the loss of Medicare Advantage as an option altogether.

“The unfortunate irony of the proposed cuts is that Medicare Advantage is leading the way on the broadly shared goal of an integrated health care system that focuses on prevention, chronic disease management, and rewarding value over volume. More cuts to Medicare Advantage would only slow down progress toward those goals.

“Our coalition urges CMS to stop the proposed new cuts and to stabilize Medicare Advantage rates for 2016.”

About the Better Medicare Alliance

The Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) is a new coalition of providers, plans, beneficiaries and advocates who believe Medicare Advantage is better for seniors and better for the healthcare system as a whole. For more information please visit

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