BMA Event

Twitter Chat: #ValueofMA

August 2, 2018 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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Twitter Chat  

Hashtag: #ValueofMA


Date: August 8, 2018


Time: 1:00 pm EST


Duration: 60 minutes

The topic of our Twitter chat is BMA sponsored Avalere report: Medicare Advantage Achieves Cost-Effective Care and Better Outcomes for Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions Relative to Fee-for-Service Medicare.  Join us to analyze the report and give reasons why MA drives us to better care, better quality and better cost.


Christie Teigland


James Michel



Key findings:

Medicare Advantage Has More Beneficiaries with Significant Clinical and Social Risk Factors

While the Medicare Advantage and FFS Medicare study populations had similar demographic profiles, Medicare Advantage had a higher proportion of beneficiaries with clinical and social risk factors shown to affect outcomes and cost than FFS Medicare.

Compared to FFS Medicare, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries had:

64% 15% 57% 16%
Higher likelihood of enrolling in Medicare due to disability Higher likelihood of being dual-eligible/low-income Higher rate of serious mental illness Higher rate of alcohol/drug/substance abuse


Medicare Advantage Chronically Ill Beneficiaries Experience Better Health Outcomes

Despite a higher proportion of risk factors, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries with chronic conditions experienced lower utilization of high-cost services, higher rates of preventive tests and screenings, and better outcomes.

Compared to FFS Medicare, Medicare Advantage achieved:

23% 33% 29% 13% 5%
Fewer inpatient hospital stays Fewer emergency room visits Lower rate of potentially avoidable hospitalizations Higherrate of LDL testing Higher rate of breast cancer screening


Find full report here.