BMA Event

Hill Briefing: Medicare Advantage: Blueprint for Effective Care Management

June 8, 2017
Sam Johnson Room, Room 2020 RHOB

Better Medicare Alliance in collaboration with the Robert Graham Center of the American Academy of Family Physicians invites you to a Congressional briefing and panel discussion on a new study identifying the successful components of innovative Care Management programs under Medicare Advantage.

In light of the introduction of the CHRONIC Care Act in the Senate, this is an educational opportunity on improving prevention, incentivizing early intervention, and care coordination. Medicare Advantage (MA) has been at the forefront of developing innovative ways to prevent, detect, and treat beneficiaries with complex chronic conditions. With enrollment of more than 18.5 million beneficiaries in 20157, and growing, Medicare Advantage continues to improve care models to meet the needs of increasing numbers of America’s seniors.


Moderator: Former Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz, Better Medicare Alliance


  • Dr. Andrew Bazemore, Director, Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine & Primary Care
  • Dr. David Ramirez, Chief Quality Officer, CareMore
  • Dr. Steven R. Counsell, GRACE Team Model, Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital
  • Dr. Phyllidia Ku-Ruth, President, InterMed