WTAS: The Value of Medicare Advantage

Check out what they are saying about the value of Medicare Advantage:

“These plans are particularly important for low-income beneficiaries who are financially vulnerable, as well as rural and minority populations who are seeing fewer plan choices.”

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, press release – February 20, 2015

“Medicare Advantage has higher performance measures for cholesterol testing, diabetes care and breast cancer screening than traditional fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare. The program simply delivers better health care to our community.”

Allen Gutierrez, Executive Director, The Latino Coalition – February 19, 2015

“Medicare Advantage is a popular option because the program offers coordinated care with benefits that Medicare FFS does not offer, such as vision, dental and wellness programs. By focusing on prevention, including mammography screenings, blood sugar tests and assistance with managing chronic diseases, Medicare Advantage helps to keep seniors healthy instead of just treating them when they are sick.”

Bipartisan op-ed by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and Rep. Patrick Murphy, Sun-Sentinel – February 19, 2015

“Further, HEDIS measures indicate that Medicare Advantage outperforms fee-for-service Medicare on a number of diabetes measures, including eye exams, glycated hemoglobin testing, LDL cholesterol testing and nephropathy screening.”

Dr. Gary Puckrein, President & CEO, National Minority Quality Forum – February 18, 2015

“Not only do employers and employees prefer MA plans because of the innovative integrated care provided, but they also appreciate that these plans are more affordable than coverage through original Medicare FFS.”

Business Community Letter to CMS– February 18, 2015

“We support the MA plans offered today for many reasons, including their emphasis on preventive care beginning with in-home health assessments, the systems of coordinated care they have developed to provide for the seamless delivery of health care services, and disease management services they provide for those with chronic conditions.”

Bipartisan Letter to CMS from 53 U.S. Senators – February 18, 2015

A recent analysis demonstrated that Medicare Advantage consistently performs better than Medicare FFS on performance measures related to breast cancer screening, diabetes care, and cholesterol testing for cardiovascular disease.”

Frederic Goldstein, Founder & President, Population Health Alliance – January 22, 2015

“Medicare Advantage is getting results in terms of keeping people healthier and reducing the need for more expensive healthcare interventions.”

Mary Grealy, President of the Healthcare Leadership Council, and Don Crane, President and CEO of CAPG – February 5, 2015

“Patients with Medicare Advantage plans are clearly benefiting from care coordination. Among a national MA patient population we’ve treated within our network using an integrated care model, we have witnessed a 37 percent drop in hospital admissions and a 21 percent reduction in rehospitalizations – generating potential savings for both patients and Medicare.”

Dr. Aric Coffman, Chief Medical Officer, ABQ Health Partners, Albuquerque Journal – January 21, 2015

“The National Minority Quality Forum is well aware of the value of Medicare Advantage to diverse populations in the United States.”

Dr. Gary Puckrein, President & CEO, National Minority Quality Forum – January 16, 2015

“…a program that is helping many older Americans control their chronic health conditions and helping avoid unnecessary complications that risk their personal independence and well-being.”

Dan Perry, Founder, Alliance for Aging Research—January 15, 2015

“Medicare Advantage improves patient outcomes.”

Dr. Tyler Jung, national chief medical officer for HealthCare Partners Medical Group—January 15, 2015

“I think Medicare Advantage was ahead of its time. Hispanic elders who are part of this program need coordinated care because they have so many chronic diseases like diabetes, with complications from eye disease to heart disease to renal disease, and really do need that extra coordinated care focus.”

Elena Rios, President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association – December 8, 2014

“MA incentives align with the goals of medical groups: improved care and reduced cost. MA plans help to improve care coordination by providing incentives for the effective management of chronic conditions and they enable multispecialty medical groups to offer innovative services to their patients.”

Don Fisher, Ph.D., President and CEO of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) – December 8, 2014

“Medicare Advantage offers greater choice and a more sure financial foothold for the future.”

Neil Trautwein, Vice President, Health Care Policy, National Retail Federation – December 8, 2014

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