March 14, 2015

Medicare Advantage Leads The Way in Helping Seniors with Chronic Disease

The Senate Finance Committee is hosting a hearing this morning on improving chronic disease care for Medicare beneficiaries, a critically important topic that is central to the value of Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage has long been at the forefront of using innovative approaches to coordinating care for seniors with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Years of focus on implementing and improving coordinated care models are yielding positive results for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

To learn more, please see:

  • A Better Medicare Alliance Issue Brief on Diabetes prevention, treatment and management.
  • “Lessons from Medicare Advantage on Effective Treatment of Diabetes,” a blog post from Dr. Gary Puckrein, President & CEO of the National Minority Quality Forum, a member of the Better Medicare Alliance.
  • “A Doctor’s Perspective on the Value of Medicare Advantage,” a recent video featuring Dr. Brian V. Phillips from Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids, MI, who spoke about how Medicare Advantage enables him to provide coordinated care and team care for patients with chronic conditions.

About the Better Medicare Alliance

The Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) is a new coalition of health plans, providers, advocates and beneficiaries who have come together to support and strengthen Medicare Advantage. To learn more, please visit www.bettermedicarealliance.org.

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