March 12, 2015

ICYMI: Bipartisan Poll Finds Sky-high Approval for Medicare Advantage

A new survey of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries finds seniors are exceptionally satisfied with their Medicare Advantage coverage.  Conducted February 24-28 by The Mellman Group and The Winston Group, the poll finds 91 percent of seniors in Medicare Advantage are satisfied with their coverage, with 69 percent saying they are highly satisfied. And among seniors who switched from Medicare Advantage from fee-for-service Medicare, 58 percent say Medicare Advantage is better.

Below are key findings from the poll:

  • On a scale of one-to-nine, seniors rate the quality of care they receive in Medicare Advantage an 8.0.
  • By an 87-3 margin, seniors in Medicare Advantage are satisfied with the preventive care they receive.
  • By an 86-2 margin, seniors are satisfied with how Medicare Advantage helps manage chronic conditions.
  • By a 79-3 margin, seniors in Medicare Advantage are satisfied with how their care is coordinated among doctors and other providers.

“This survey confirms what our members see every day: seniors cherish Medicare Advantage because it provides better healthcare,” said Krista Drobac, interim executive director of the Better Medicare Alliance.

For a summary of findings from the pollsters, please see here.

To view the full survey, please see here.

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