June 1, 2015

ICYMI: Better Medicare Alliance Urges Congress to Protect Seniors’ Medicare Drug Benefits

In a recent letter to House leadership, the Better Medicare Alliance urges Congress to reconsider shifting funds from Part D drug benefits to the 21st Century Cures Act, which neither reduces the cost of pharmaceuticals nor enhances seniors’ access to life-saving medications. The letter was signed by Dr. Elena Rios, President of the National Hispanic Medical Association, a BMA ally, and addressed to Speaker of the House John Boehner and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Below are highlights from the letter:

  • “While we support the Act’s intention to increase investments in medical research and development of new drugs, devices and treatments, we oppose the method used to finance these new investments.”
  • “This action could make it more expensive for seniors to access the very cures that may result from these investments in research and development of new drugs. This is a harmful and unnecessary tradeoff between two important programs dedicated to improving health outcomes for seniors and those with disabilities who rely on Part D drug benefits.”
  • “We ask you to reconsider the use of delayed reinsurance payments to Medicare Part D drug plans as the proposed budget offset and replace it with other budget offsets that do not bring potential harm to the Medicare Part D drug benefits that are so critical to seniors and those with disabilities.”


For the full letter, see here.

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