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OPN Healthcare

OPN Healthcare is a technology enabled specialty healthcare services company focused on cancer care. It partners with physicians and aligns their practices with health insurance organizations and other healthcare payors to deliver oncology care while managing costs efficiently.

OPN Healthcare was initially founded as GreenWave Health Technologies in 1999. It has a demonstrated track record in assisting payors to reduce the increasing costs of medical oncology through a value-based methodology. OPN has successfully grown, and now manages the oncology needs for over one million enrollees. Initially based in Southern California through Southern California Oncology Associates (SCOA), the company is adapting its model in other regions. This successful approach can be used with payors around the country to reduce ongoing costs while also upholding a culture of quality oncology care throughout its network.

The fragmented nature of traditional oncology care leads to inefficient usage of resources without enhancing the level of care. This lack of a coordinated strategy in an environment of new therapies and demographic shifts is creating escalated costs, reduced access and limited patient benefit. OPN provides seamless coordination between payors, physicians and patients for excellent medical oncology care within its community-based oncology networks.