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National Association of Hispanic Nurses

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses provides the voice for nearly 2000 member nurses across the United States. NAHN is devoted to promoting safe, quality health care delivery to Hispanic communities and individuals.

Founded in 1976, NAHN is an active and vocal advocate for licensed Hispanic nurses, advocating for policy changes and offering unique perspectives related to Hispanic health care needs. NAHN works to identify barriers to implementing and delivering health services to Hispanic consumers and recommends appropriate solutions to local, state and federal agencies.

NAHN is also committed to representing in voice and action the number of licensed Hispanic nurses in the United States and promotes the recruitment and retention of Hispanic students in nursing education programs to increase the number of bilingual and bicultural nurses to provide culturally sensitive nursing care to Hispanic consumers and communities.

A vital role of NAHN is to serve as a resource center for our members, providing industry model practices and a means for collaboration individually and through our 49 chapters to advance the educational, professional and leadership skills of Hispanic nurses and increase the number of Hispanic researchers, administrators and educators.