Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) Spotlight on Innovation

COPC’s journey toward population health started in 1996 when 33 physicians from 11 practices merged. The decision was driven by need for new physicians who work exclusively in the hospital, called hospitalists, common medical records, professional administration, and the development of ancillary services.

Key Takeaways

COPC effectively utilizes six key strategies to provide early intervention and patient-centered care:

  1. The coordinated use of a comprehensive electronic health record.
  2. Utilizing value-based contracts to invest in infrastructure design.
  3. Effective risk stratification to prioritize resources to the highest risk and costliest patients.
  4. Leveraging physicians to facilitate efficient care in the hospital setting to reduce lengths of stay.
  5. Managing transitions of care to identify gaps to reduce hospitalizations.
  6. Making house calls to improve patients’ experience and use the home as a site of care.
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