Senior Stories
September 5, 2016

I Have an AARP Medicare Complete Plan Which Is a Regional PPO Plan

I have an AARP Medicare Complete plan which is a regional PPO plan. My husband has a similar plan through Humana. We are both retired and on a fixed income (a limited one!).  We can’t really afford even the least expensive supplement plans in our area.

At the end of last year I had a dog park accident and fractured my tibia which required repair surgery in January of this year to screw the bone together followed by physical therapy to strengthen the leg and allow me to walk normally again.

I also had a huge, all-day operation to remove the cancer and clean up my abdominal cavity, as it had spread. I’m now undergoing six months of chemotherapy.  I will easily hit my out of pocket cap before the end of the year, and without that cap (under my current Medicare Advantage policy), I’m scared to think of what would happen to me financially!

I have copayments for all aspects of my treatment. I don’t mind paying these payments  and am so thankful that I have this insurance coverage otherwise I’d never be able to afford the medical charges  and I’d never be able to afford physical therapy. However I’m frightened to think of what will happen to me and my husband if our copays or other charges are increased or if access to treatment is decreased!

Funding for this very necessary Medicare Advantage program should definitely not be cut! We seniors who are not wealthy need it kept at its current or even increased levels!

My name is Joanne

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