December 9, 2016

Letter to President-Elect Trump on the Value of Medicare Advantage

This letter introduced Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) and highlights the advocacy work we do to support and strengthen Medicare Advantage on behalf our alliance. Medicare Advantage is leading the way in modernizing Medicare and we are eager to build on its achievements. We look forward to working with President Trump and the Administration, as well as Congress, to strengthen Medicare Advantage and prevent disruption in the program that 1 in 3 beneficiaries depend on for their Medicare.

BMA is an alliance of over 75 organizations, including health plans, providers, health systems, aging service agencies, business groups, as well as beneficiaries, who support and advocate for Medicare Advantage. Our key goals are to ensure the program is stable, accessible, high quality, cost effective, and financially viable through ongoing support of policymakers. We achieve these goals through education, commentary, and advocacy, based on research, analysis, and the experiences of our ally organizations and beneficiaries. We are a resource to policymakers on and off the Hill on all aspects of Medicare Advantage policy.

Medicare Advantage is an option within Medicare that allows seniors and individuals with disabilities to choose a private plan to receive their Medicare benefits, instead of receiving coverage through Traditional Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medicare. Medicare Advantage has grown by over 65% since 2010, with over 18 million Americans now enrolled in the program and the number continues to grow. Medicare Advantage also has strong bipartisan support. Over 400 Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle signed letters in support of Medicare Advantage in 2016.

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