February 23, 2018

Better Medicare Alliance 2018 Policy Priorities for Medicare Advantage

Better Medicare Alliance is the leading coalition for a strong Medicare Advantage option for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries. We support policies that recognize Medicare Advantage as driving value-based care delivery and innovations that provide high-quality, cost-effective care with better outcomes and high beneficiary satisfaction.

2018 Goals for Medicare Advantage

  • Ensure consumer-friendly, enrollment materials on the choice and benefits of the Medicare Advantage program.
  • Modernize the regulatory processes on rates and policies to support stability and ensure accurate payment in Medicare Advantage.
  • Ensure high-quality care for beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions.
  • Promote innovation in care delivery through flexibility in benefits, plan design, community partnerships, and integrated care.
  • Encourage value-based care by promoting value-based payment arrangements, insurance design, and aligning program goals and measurements.
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