Council of Scholars

As a unique coalition who care about Medicare Advantage, we solicit the advice and guidance of experts and thought leaders in health policy and health economics to serve as a resource to the board and staff of Better Medicare Alliance.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Council

Membership on the Council is voluntary, unpaid, and at the invitation of the Board of Directors and President/CEO of BMA. There are no formal meetings. Interaction most likely will be initiated from time to time by the President/CEO and the Policy & Research Director of BMA.  The Council of Scholars is not expected to make decisions as a group, but rather offers advice and guidance as individuals. The types of activities Council members do include:

  • Offer recommendations on articles, speeches, or events that would enhance the knowledge of our staff or our allies;
  • Provide insight and guidance on policy and research issues related to Medicare Advantage to BMA staff;
  • Respond to requests for guidance on research questions to be answered through BMA funded research;
  • Review research proposals and provide recommendations to BMA staff;
  • Participate as a speaker or panelist on Medicare Advantage on behalf of BMA;
  • Offer expert testimony on behalf of BMA;
  • Offer a blog on MA to post on BMA website;
  • Sign a letter on behalf of BMA related to their expertise on Medicare.


Our Council Members