Value-Based Care

Medicare Advantage is built on a value-based system in which Medicare Advantage health plans receive a per-member, per-month payment for each beneficiary’s care, and are tasked with using those dollars most effectively – incentivizing high quality, high-value care for the 24.2 million enrollees who trust Medicare Advantage with their health care needs.

How Value-Based Care Works for Seniors
Our President and CEO, Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz, penned a four-part blog series for Health Affairs about how Medicare Advantage’s value-based structure works to serve beneficiaries, which you can read below: Additionally, Better Medicare Alliance publishes a report series entitled “Spotlight on Innovation” which has detailed advances in health care made possible by Medicare Advantage’s value-based structure. Recent reports include: You can also read recent research commissioned by Better Medicare Alliance explaining how Medicare Advantage's value-based systems works to improve health outcomes:
Take Action!
Plans, providers, community partners, beneficiaries, and policymakers must work together to support current efforts and build new opportunities to improve beneficiary health and quality of life through high-value care in Medicare Advantage – the future of Medicare.