State of Medicare Advantage - 2022

The 2022 State of Medicare Advantage report highlights the importance of high-quality, affordable health care for over 29 million seniors and individuals with disabilities. At Better Medicare Alliance, we believe that Medicare Advantage provides the opportunity for a healthier future.

Greater Diversity
Better Outcomes
State of Medicare Advantage Report

Better Medicare Alliance (BMA), the leading research and advocacy organization supporting Medicare Advantage, unveiled its 2022 State of Medicare Advantage report, showing greater diversity, lower costs, and better outcomes in Medicare Advantage, as compared to Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicare.

In this report, we have compiled the latest data into a comprehensive, one-of-its-kind publication that offers a full picture of Medicare Advantage today – from beneficiary demographics and enrollment trends, to consumer savings and improved outcomes. This report is a testament to what policymakers and advocates can do when they put seniors first – and what can still be achieved by protecting and strengthening this well-working health care success story.

Access to care and satisfaction with care remains high for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

94% of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report being satisfied with their coverage. 95.6% of beneficiaries are satisfied with the ease of getting to the doctor.

45% of the total Medicare population has made the choice for Medicare Advantage.

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage has doubled over the last decade. Today, over 29 million beneficiaries, or 45% of the Medicare population, has made an active choice for the quality, affordable, coordinated. Coverage and care uniquely found in Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are proportionally more diverse, with higher rates of social risk factors.

33.7% of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries identify as a racial and ethnic minority, compared to 16% in FFS Medicare. Since 2013, enrollment in Medicare Advantage has grown 111% among minority beneficiaries and 125% among dually eligible beneficiaries.

Seniors in Medicare Advantage Have Better Health Outcomes
43% lower

rate of avoidable hospitalizations for any reason

19% lower

rate of COVID-19-related hospitalizations during the first 9 months of the pandemic

21% higher

rate of seeing a physician within 14 days of a hospital discharge

12% lower

rate of all-cause readmissions for beneficiaries with major complex chronic conditions

49% higher

rate of receiving pneumonia vaccine


of beneficiaries report being satisfied with their coverage

Over 90% of Medicare Advantage plans offer benefits such as wellness, dental, vision, or hearing coverage.

Offerings to beneficiaries are nearly universal with 99.9% of Medicare Advantage plans offering at least one supplemental benefit. Today, 95% of Medicare Advantage plans offer telehealth benefits.

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report nearly $2,000 less on out-of-pocket costs and premiums annually.

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries report spending nearly $2,000 less on out-of-pocket costs and premiums annually. The average monthly premium in 2022 is $19, a 15-year low.

Medicare Advantage clinches historic, bipartisan support in Congress.

409 Members of Congress, the highest number ever, sent bipartisan companion letters to the Administration expressing strong support for Medicare Advantage in 2022. 123 congressional districts have at least 50% Medicare Advantage enrollment, a 37% increase from last year’s 90 congressional districts.

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Plans, providers, community partners, beneficiaries, and policymakers must work together to support current efforts and build new opportunities to improve beneficiary health and quality of life through high-value care in Medicare Advantage – the future of Medicare.