BMA Research Policies

Better Medicare Alliance is the leading voice for Medicare Advantage. We are dedicated to advancing Medicare Advantage as the best option under Medicare. Our research policies are below and guide our work every day. 

BMA Research FAQs

What types of research does Better Medicare Alliance fund?

Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) is a community of ally organizations and beneficiaries committed to take an evidence-based approach to ensuring Medicare Advantage remains a strong option in Medicare. To support this goal, BMA funds research projects that focus on Medicare Advantage and give policymakers, beneficiaries, providers, plans, and other Medicare Advantage stakeholders the information needed to improve Medicare Advantage.

Must BMA-funded Medicare Advantage research have a specific focus or structure?

Within our goal to build the body of research related to Medicare Advantage, we are interested in a wide variety of topics and types of research. Potential Medicare Advantage research topics include but are not limited to: tracking clinical outcomes, specializing care for chronic conditions, beneficiary cost sharing, caring for high cost, high need patients, value-based arrangements, decision-support tools, care delivery innovation. We fund both quantitative and qualitative projects.

What is the average scope and duration of a project?

Projects range in size and length, depending on the scope of the topic. Recent projects have ranged from one month to one year.

Does BMA only reach out to researchers on specific projects or do you accept unsolicited proposals?

BMA staff both develops specific research projects with prospective research partners as well as responds to and potentially funds unsolicited proposals. 

What are the parameters for BMA research proposals?

BMA works with potential research partners to develop the topic of study and agree on the specifics of the project. BMA allows overhead expenses, also called indirect costs, to be charged at a rate not to exceed 10% of total direct costs.