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Seniors Stories

Sharon McKelvey, Elk Grove, California

Medicare Advantage covers my multiple chronic conditions in the most affordable manner for me. The 20 percent co-pay with traditional Medicare would have bankrupted me in less than a year. My husband and I live on a fixed income and barely have enough to meet basic living expenses, but neither of us qualify for any type of special assistance for medical and pharmaceutical needs. That said, I have a number of chronic medical conditions that require frequent doctors’ visits, including a plethora of specialists.

Steve Fletcher

My wife Wanda suffers from dementia and palsy and is bedridden. I have IBM (inclusion body myositis) and am limited in mobility. Medicare Advantage makes it possible for my wife and I to have free home nurse visits and therapy. We also use the mail-order prescription service through Medicare Advantage to save us some cash and a trip to the pharmacy.

Mary Lou Campbell, North Warren, Pennsylvania

I have sleep apnea and when I retired I was concerned that I wouldn't get the supplies that I need when I switched to Medicare. Since enrolling in Medicare Advantage, I get the supplies every 3 months no problem. I also have high blood pressure doctor visits covered through Medicare Advantage and have access to medications with zero or minimal co-pays. Also through my Medicare Advantage plan I get to go to Silver Sneakers, a minimal impact exercise group and have access to gym equipment.

Rosie Balderston-Denbo, Vancouver, Washington

My late husband Steve had a very treatment-resistant thyroid cancer. Because of our Providence Medicare Advantage Plan, he was given the best treatment throughout his battle with cancer. We didn’t need to worry about how we could afford all of his care and many of the questions and back-and-forth associated with medical bills. Our Medicare Advantage plan took care of all of it all which was so important because it helped us get though a very difficult time in our lives.

David Kievit, Siesta Key, FL

I am a World War II veteran living on a small pension from 30+ years of employment and an even smaller Social Security pension.  Last summer I suffered a near-death blood infection and recovered after several weeks of hospital and rehabilitation care.  Without my AARP Medicare Advantage coverage the costs would have been devastating and would have more than wiped out what little savings I have left.

Kirby Fisher, Michigan

My wife and I are retired teachers from Michigan. For 32 years I taught mostly math and science to students in grades K-12 in the public school system in Michigan before teaching handicap school children for another ten years. My wife was a school librarian in the public school system.  During all those years serving the Michigan public school system, we knew we were paying into our future care. 

Barbara Leary, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have used several different Advantage programs since my retirement 15 years ago.  When I first retired I took a Medicare Supplement plan but after becoming fully retired 10 years ago I found the monthly premiums too costly and switched to an Advantage plan. Depending on the benefits and the provider base I have changed plans to fit my needs.  

Joanne Paciello, Boca Raton, Florida

I have an AARP Medicare Complete plan which is a regional PPO plan. My husband has a similar plan through Humana. We are both retired and on a fixed income (a limited one!).  We can't really afford even the least expensive supplement plans in our area.    

At the end of last year I had a dog park accident and fractured my tibia which required repair surgery in January of this year to screw the bone together followed by physical therapy to strengthen the leg and allow me to walk normally again.