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The Sun-Sentinel

All Americans, regardless of where they choose to live or how much they earn, deserve access to high quality health care. Seniors across the country have worked hard for the promise that health coverage options would be available to them upon retirement.

Bloomberg BNA

Various legislative and regulatory changes have eroded the value of extra benefits offered by Medicare Advantage (MA) plans over the past few years, “thereby reducing the affordability and access of these services for some Medicare beneficiaries,” according to a report released Feb.

Politico Pulse

The Better Medicare Alliance, which includes several insurers and business groups, wrote CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner saying that another round of cuts would be harmful to the program and the 17 million seniors it covers.

Albuquerque Journal

As our nation’s health care system grows ever more complex, there is a simple and unified approach to truly improving patient outcomes and quality of care: integrated care.

The Hill

As a patient, one of the most tenuous experiences is being admitted to a hospital. In the course of treating the condition and heading toward recovery, patients are often seen by several different providers – many of whom have never seen the patient before.

The Motley Fool

As millions of Baby Boomers retire, they'll need to address how to finance their healthcare needs. Most Americans become eligible for Medicare coverage at age 65, and traditional Medicare covers many important healthcare services, including hospital stays, doctor visits, and prescription drugs.

The Hill

Medicare Advantage is a popular choice for seniors already enrolled in traditional Medicare.

The Tampa Tribune

As the saying goes, “Without your health, you have nothing.” These words of wisdom still ring true today, and the saying underscores the importance of high quality health care for all patients.

Without a healthy mind and body, one cannot fully appreciate the joys of life.