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Better Medicare Alliance (BMA) is the leading coalition of nurses, doctors, employers, aging service agencies, advocates, retiree organizations, and beneficiaries who support Medicare Advantage as an option under Medicare. As a beneficiary of Medicare Advantage, or as a loved one or caregiver, your voice is critically important and should be heard. We can help you use it effectively. Your experiences, stories, interests, and actions can enhance awareness of why MA is working for you. And, your voice can have an impact on decisions on programmatic changes and funding. We are here to help you be your own best advocate, for yourself, your family, your community, and for the overall cause of supporting and strengthening Medicare Advantage.

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Help protect Medicare Advantage for the 18 million seniors who depend on it.

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Allyson Y. Schwartz

President & CEO, Better Medicare Alliance

U.S. Representative, 2005-2015